Friday, June 24, 2011

The Back-Up Plan

photo courtesy Meg Perotti

Anyone remember the televised Bachelor wedding a couple of years ago when Jason married Molly at a stunning outdoor location overlooking the California coast? Anyone remember the torrential downpour that soaked both them and all of their guests? While the couple appeared to laugh it off, I’m not sure their guests were thinking the same thing as they had to sit at the reception in soaking wet clothes and chilled to the bone. There is also only so much the photographer can do to touch up the photos when everyone looks like a drowned rat.

Trusting Mother Nature to smile upon you on your wedding day is a pretty big risk. It’s great when it all comes together, but has the arrival for disaster if nasty weather rolls in. As a wedding planner, I always make sure there is a Plan B. In fact, I’m adamant that there has to be a back-up plan. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be doing my job. Bad weather can spoil a wedding day faster than anything else!

Here are some simple ideas that can help make your wedding day run a little smoother if rain or snow try to threaten your day:
  • Have an e-mail distribution list and/or phone fan-out planned and ready to use if necessary so you can let guests know quickly about possible changes to your wedding day plans. This isn’t that hard to do when in today’s world of technology, but it does mean you have to think ahead a bit, like making sure you know where out-of-town guests will be staying and making sure you have both e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers.
  • If you have an outdoor ceremony planned, make sure you have another option available to you. This could be as simple as having to rearrange your reception venue a bit and post someone at the ceremony site to redirect traffic if necessary.
  • Buy a couple of cool umbrellas and a funky pair of rubber boots. They can be fun and fantastic photo props AND, better yet, they will keep you dry!
  • Make sure you talk with your photographer and plan an alternate INDOOR location for your photos.
A little pre-planning will make a world of difference in the actual outcome of your wedding day!


Cathy MacRae is a certified wedding and event planner, and owner of Creative Weddings and Occasions and Del Sol Destination Weddings. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she plans wedding for couples in and around the Calgary and Banff area, who want a wedding that is a unique and personal reflection of them. She is also a destination wedding specialist, working with couples who desire to wed in various picturesque dream locations throughout the world. For more information about planning your own wedding or for advice from Cathy, please contact her at

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