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Save on Your Honeymoon

I came across this article listed under travel tips in the Wedding Bells website ( written by Leeann Yee. It has some really good hints on keeping the costs down for your honeymoon. Wedding Bells magazine and website has some great ideas and tools for couple planning their wedding. You will want to check it out!

How to make sure your honeymoon doesn’t break the bank. By Leeann Yee
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It may be one of the biggest (or most extravagant) trips you’ll take in your lifetime, but there’s no reason you need to go over budget to do it. Plus, it may be one of the only vacations you’ll take where you’ll be guaranteed special treatment, so live it up! Read on to find out how to make the most of your honeymoon dollars.

Shop for Honeymoon Packages

1. Tons of resorts offer honeymoon packages, which often include little extras like champagne in your room, candlelight dinner or even couples’ massages. You’ll often get more than the average client because yes, it is your honeymoon and you deserve to get pampered! Sandals is a great example of an all-inclusive resort that offers fantastic value for your honeymoon budget.

2. If you’ve always wanted to stay at a certain hotel (like the Ashford Castle in Ireland or The New York Palace), go directly to their website or call them up and ask about honeymoon package deals. Tell them you’re newlyweds and during your special stay you might even get a bonus not advertised online, like a room upgrade, discount on an extra night or even complimentary champagne.

Ask your Friends!

3. Your friends were there for you on your big day, so why not ask them for advice on honeymoon locations? This way not only will you get a first-hand, intimate account of a destination, but you may come across a place you’ve never heard of! Plus, you’ll probably get insider tips on where to find the best cocktails and spectacular waterfalls!

Research, Research, Research

4. Just like getting your friends to give you first-hand advice, researching your honeymoon will save you time and hassles. Knowing about the destination you’re off to will help you avoid costly tourist traps, overpriced attractions and overrated accommodations.

Register for your Honeymoon

5. Nowadays you can register for just about anything and that includes your honeymoon. A honeymoon registry, whether at a specific destination, like Disney, or a registry website, like, it’s a great option for your guests who will love knowing they’re contributing to that trip of a lifetime. Just remember to read everything the registry has to offer, including the fine print!

Do you have a Points Card?

6. Now’s the time to put your travel card to good use. If you don’t have one, consider signing up for a credit card with points that are accumulated with every purchase and put everything wedding-related on it (and watch your points rack up!). Then use those points towards your honeymoon. Just be sure to pay that monthly statement off to avoid costly interest.
7. Are you or your husband a member of any hotels? Frequent travellers often get deals when they accumulate points from staying at the same chain, like Starwood or Marriott. When it comes time for your honeymoon, you’ll find that membership will give you even more privileges and deals.

Go During the Off-season

8. Certain months are prime for travelling, such as the summer months and anytime around the holidays. One way to save on your honeymoon is to go during the off-season. Shop around. You could pay $400 for a stay that may cost $700 during the high season. Of course don’t ignore the warnings of monsoon season, but if you time your honeymoon right, you may get all that you wanted for a fraction of the price, and maybe some additional goodies, too!

Have a Stay-cation

9. Not everyone wants to travel the world for their honeymoon, or perhaps neither of you can get time off work. If that’s the case, why not opt for a long weekend vacation close to home, like a boutique hotel you’ve always wanted to stay at or a local bed and breakfast? You’ll still have a romantic, relaxing interlude while saving for that bigger trip down the road.

Pack your Essentials!

10. This applies after you’ve decided where to go of course, but forgetting essentials may be costly. Your honeymoon destination may not have the moisturizing lotion you so love or a reasonably-priced swimsuit. Even if you’re lucky enough to find it, your must-have item may come at a hefty price. Just remember some of our handy packing tips and you’ll be all set!

Enter a Contest

11. As with all contests, winning is slim, but you were lucky in love by finding your dream man, so why not try your luck at scoring that dream honeymoon? Enter online, or through a draw or magazine. It’s fun, easy and you might just be the lucky girl who wins!

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