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Style Tips To Make Your Bridesmaids Happy

For years, bridesmaids dresses have gotten a bum wrap! Okay, true, there were decades with REALLY BAD bridesmaid dresses out there. We know that the bride is supposed to be the shining star of the day, but these dresses were so terrible that no one wanted to be seen in them. Hollywood even capitalized on the idea and concept with the 2007 chick-flick, 27 Dresses.

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However, times are changing, and with so many choices out there, your bridesmaids can now look gorgeous and stylish without taking away from you! Here are some fashion tips to consider when choosing dresses for your attendants that will keep you in their good books:

1.    Allow for versatility – Not everyone needs to look identical. More and more brides are allowing their bridesmaids to choose dresses in various styles (but within the same color palette) or different colors (but similar styles). Fact is that we don’t all look good in the same color or style, so by being flexible, your attendants can choose something that (A) looks good on them, and (B) they feel good in! Talk about a win-win situation for everyone!!!

2.    Cocktails anyone? – Keep the dress knee-length and there is a better chance that it can be worn again at a work party, a semi-formal event, or even possibly another wedding. Floor-length ball gowns will just collect dust at the back of a closet, making it hard to justify the purchase.

Take into consideration the weather if the outdoors is included in your wedding shots Photo courtesy of Snap Photography
3.    Basic Black – Most women need at least one black dress in their wardrobe. By choosing this dark hue, there is a better chance the dress will be something they can dress up or down on future occasions. Other dark colors, such as navy or slate gray, can also work, but nothing is as timeless as your basic black.

Try and stay flexible about different styles that allow for different cultural and religious beliefs.  Photo courtesy of Vermilion Photography 
4.    Comfort vs. High Fashion – Choose a style that is figure flattering on most body types. Avoid extremely fitted fashion that may require significant and costly alterations in order to make them fit properly.

5.    Keep Costs Down – You don’t need to buy your dresses at a discount store, but it is important to keep costs in mind when you’re choosing a style for your maids to wear. Choose something that won’t break the bank. According to The Knot (, the average bridesmaid dress in 2009 cost a reasonable $144.

Choosing a bridesmaid dress will have its challenges. There is no way to please everyone, but if you keep the above ideas in mind, you will be much further ahead in getting everyone on board with your decision.

Cathy MacRae is a certified wedding and event planner, and owner of Creative Weddings and Occasions and Del Sol Destination Weddings. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, she plans wedding for couples in and around the Calgary and Banff area, who want a wedding that is a unique and personal reflection of them. She is also a destination wedding specialist, working with couples who desire to wed in various picturesque dream locations throughout the world. For more information about planning your own wedding or for advice from Cathy, please contact her at

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